Prague Schools is a dynamic private language school based in Prague 6, specializing in the Trinity Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) courses. Another common abbreviation for such a qualification is TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

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No previous teaching experience is required. Our 4-week, intensive TEFL Certificate course is a practical and theoretical training course designed to produce teachers with the skills and techniques needed to teach English abroad. With English being the universal language for travel and international business, the demand for native-English teachers is constantly increasing.

Prague Schools provides trainees with a sound and comprehensive introduction to all aspects of ELT (English Language Teaching). We equip participants with all the basic skills associated with a career as a TEFL or TESOL teacher.

The staff at Prague Schools work closely with trainees on finding teaching opportunities worldwide. Job guidance is available to all graduates both in Prague and through Prague TEFL's wider service.

Prague Schools runs ten full-time, four-week Trinity Cert. TESOL courses every year.

Our Accreditations

Trinity CertTESOL Trinity CertTESOL

Besides being validated by the Trinity College London, Prague Schools is also acredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic to organize following courses:

Organization of educational programmes accredited for the purposes of law n. 563/2004 Sb., about members of pedagogical staff and about a change of some laws.
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Organization of educational programme: Preparatory course for Trinity Cert TESOL and the issue of certificates confirming participation in them.
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Prague - Course city

The aims of a Prague TEFL course, as indicated above, are, clearly, to provide trainees with the tools to do the job: to impart the required knowledge of the theory of ELT, coupled with the guidance and the means to put theory into practice.

Through a series of lectures, lessons, seminars, workshops, etc, we will create a model to help trainees use various techniques, materials and methodology and apply them to teaching real classes of real students.

We cover classroom management and lesson planning and provide a chance for you to put these into action with genuine learners of English at at least two different levels. In addition, we provide trainees the chance to observe experienced teachers teaching actual classes.


The objectives of the Prague TEFL course are to give trainees insights into not only the workings of English, but also into language acquisition per se, via foreign or unknown language. This illustrates and demonstrate what a learner comes up against in the classroom, and will help you understand the need for sensitivity towards students' needs and recognition of their performance. It will show them, too, how language can be used as a tool to bring about communication in the fullest sense. This can be achieved through practical instruction, projects, and observed teaching practice.


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I gained so much from this course. Not only did I away with greater knowledge of the English language, but I learned more effective teaching methods. Blind side, I should have done this course years ago. It is worth every second!

Nathan Hansen
natehansen20 at hotmail.com
August 2005

TEFL graduate photo

If you want the soundest of foundation on which to build your teaching career, then I suggest you attend this course. It is extremely well balanced, the experience is unbelievable and even someone who has never taught, like myself, will feel they are very well equipped to go and do just that at the end, just as I do. I cannot put enough stress on the fact that you will work and will work hard, but in the end you will see the necessity of it all. If you manage your time effectively you will succeed and will receive a great deal from the course, just as I have done.

Christophor Rick
astrochemist at hotmail.com
March 2005

TEFL graduate photo

Prague Schools gave me the perfect introduction to the world of teaching English.The course was very well structured and the tutors were always able to give support and guidance. The input sessions covered a wide variety of topics essential to teaching, and the actual teaching practice prepared us for different levels and needs of students. Overall, it was hard work but extremely worthwhile, and I would not hesitate to recommend the course at Prague Schools.

Jamie Bridges
bridges_jamie at hotmail.com
November 2003



Doing a Trinity CertTESOL course could be the start of an exciting and rewarding career. Many of our past trainees have exceeded their initial aspirations. Read about their experiences here.

Where are they now...


Gareth Davies - Head of TEFL - Photo

Gareth Davies // Head of TEFL

Gareth Davies has been working in the TEFL industry for 10 years. He has taught in the Czech republic, Portugal and the United Kingdom. He was awarded the Cambridge RSA DELTA in 2001. Gareth has been involved in teacher training since 2001 and joined Prague Schools in 2002. Recently Gareth has been involved in designing and delivering a training course for senior teachers for OUP and also delivers in service training at a number of schools in Prague.

//gareth.davies ( a ) tefl.cz//

Laura Moulton - Course Leader - Photo

Laura Moulton // Course Leader

Before joining Prague Schools in 2003, Laura, who specialises in phonology, worked as a teacher in Prague, where she gained the Cambridge Diploma. She has also worked in London and Japan and has presented workshops at several EFL conferences. Outside of work, Laura enjoys cycling and snowboarding and finds the Czech Republic the ideal terrain in which to hone her skills.

//laura.moulton at tefl.cz//

Peter Bowdery - TEFL Tutor - Photo

Peter Bowdery // Tutor

Peter Bowdery has been working in TEFL for the last 11 years. He has mainly worked in the Czech Republic, Poland and the UK. He is an experienced trainer, having run sessions on a variety of topics from phrasal verbs to how to cope with Czechs learners. For the last four years he has been specializing in teaching business English. He has a UCLES RSA Diploma in TEFL.

//peter.bowdery at tefl.cz//

Corina Craciun - TEFL Tutor - Photo

Corina Craciun // Tutor

Corina Craciun has been working as a TEFL teacher for 4 years. She has taught in Romania and Turkey and has been a teacher trainer in Istanbul for the past year. She has the DELTA from International Training Institute in Istanbul.

//corina.craciun at tefl.cz//



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